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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 12, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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inland from the water. the water is milder. clouds across southern maryland. clear skies in annapolis easton northbound and through bel air and back towards westminster and southern p.a. that's what allows to us cool off and warm up. we will get back into the mid- 60s on average acrossesacross the area. -- across the area. we should hit 79 by lunchtime and the guaranteed high for 86. we expect to look at storms over the weekend and we will talk about that next. tanya has a look at traffic. >> reporter: we are starting out with a great morning. the only thing we are dealing with right now is a water main break in dundalk. watch out for the cones there. let's look at 95. no problems to report. north of 195, this is the southbound traffic coming towards the camera. a little heavier but no incidents. not even on 195 out to bwi. jones fall expressway is traveling fie from the 41st street over-- traveling fine for the 41st streetover pass.
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northern parkway, there's coldspring right there, both doing fineit's been two weeks since a woman went missing neigh ruba. linda so is here with the -- missing in aruba. linda so is here with more. >> reporter: they are trying to come up with information on the missing woman and the man she was with. she was seen in aruba in aruba two weeks ago there with gary giordano. he claims that on august 2nd, the two were knockelling together when she was swept out to -- knockelling together -- snorkeling together when she was swept out to sea but several women who dated giordano say he was violent and aggressive. he was arrested at the airport while trying to leave the country. he is being detained by arubean authorities. robyn's live-in boyfriend who thought she was in florida visiting family is worried.
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>> she is a margarita kind of girl, sit by the pool or the beach and relax. i don't buy it. i am terrified. i've been hearing stories about gary giordano and have been told he is quite tech savvy and is able to hack into people's e- mail accounts. >> reporter: arubean prosecutors says giordano is no longer cooperating with the investigation and is not answering anymore questions. meanwhile, robyn's family set up a confidential tip line through the in thaley holloway resource sent here went missing in aruba and never was found. linda so, abc2 news. it's 5:02. we are getting a better look at the video of the shooting that killed a baltimore city police officer and another mannerlier this year outside the select lounge in downtown baltimore. before any shots were fired, you can see the police officers at the scene and we counted five cruisers parked near the select lounge. officer torbit was there and you can see the handcuffs attached to his belt.
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family members told abc2 news the other officers should have recognized torbit. at one point you can see an officer firing his weapon at officer torbit who was on the ground. you can see another officer firing down into the officer. a community activist who has been assisting officer torbit's family says the state's attorney decision not to prosecute the officers sends the wrong message to city police. >> the officers can shoot and you know, until that person is actually killed. that's what he essentially said with the decision or his indecision and his response of course to this horrific incident that occurred. >> the baltimore city state's attorney found the four officers who shot officer torbit thought their lives were in danger. members of officer torbit's family are considering their legal options. a deadly shooting in west baltimore in march now police still have no suspects or any motive. this morning, they released video from the new york fried chicken carry out on pennsylvania africa where brandon carter was shot and
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killed. police are focusing on three women there at the time of the shooting and hope they can provide any information that can lead them to the shooter. brand nd-- brandon's grandmother is hopeful the video will bring the family some level of closure. >> why someone would kill brandon doirnghts understand because brand -- brandon i. don't understand. he didn't have-mis. whoever shot him i would like them to come forward so we can have closure to this because we have no closure. >> here's the photograph once again. police are looking for the women in this picture. they could hold a key to finding the person responsibility for killing -- responsible for killed brandon carter. they are witnesses and they are not suspects. if you recognize them, please call police as soon as possible. there's been a roller coaster week on wall street. international markets respondedded with stocks here going up. the dow will open up 424 points and nasdaq 1 1e67b and nasdaq
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up 52 points. with the -- 1 1e67b and the nasdaq up 52 points -- 111 and the nasdaq up 52 points. many have been calling for the congress to get back to work. >> in the aftermath of the debt ceiling debacle and when the markets going up and down like they are, there's been a lot of talk in washington right now that i should call congress back early. the last thing we need is congress spending more time arguing in dc. [ applause ] >> what i figure is they need to spend more time out here listening to you. and here in -- hearing how fed up you are. >> the president said lawmakers need to stop playing games and work for the american people. he he says the biggest priority right now is the creation of new jobs. 12k3w4rĂ¡ it's 5:05. switching first -- it's 5:05. switching gears it's back to
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the practice field for coach harbaugh and the ravens after the preseason opener in philadelphia. it was a scrimmage and felt good to have the pigskin back but but the ravens played like it was practice. baltimore could only get two field goes one early and one late and eagle took care of the rest of the scoring from financial field. lincoln financial field, 13-6 the final. eagles over the ravens. next game august 19th here at the bank against the chiefs. kick off then is set for 7:30. well the ravens got their namesake from edgar allen poe and this morning the house turned museum in baltimore is at risk of closing down. the city can't afford to keep running the home and thousands of people visit the site each year but that may not be enough to keep the doors open. visitors hope the piece of history is not lost. money raised during the past several years have gone into a fund and that's how they are keeping their doors open. it's 5:06. researchers say americans seem to be getting bigger even
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though times are tougher. up next, the corelation between spending money and eating. i will never drink it. >> plus recycling plant that has residents crying foul. the details of that and it might not be something you want to see on an early friday morning but we will have it. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland." ten minutes after the hour. severe drought conditions in west texas led to a plan to recycling waste water into a drinking faucet. crews are building a 13 million dollar waste water treatment plant that will turn sewage water into drinking water by the end of next year. it will be mixed into a lake and the water treated again three times in all so what do you think people think about this? >> that's not a good idea at all. >> you don't like it? >> no. >> if they do we will have to leave town. >> really. >> yeah.
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yeah. that's too much. >> when you hear people say okay, my god they will drink their urine. >> there was a fellow in midland that made a comment that said at least he gets to drink his beer twice now. >> that's what we call perspective. that's part of west texas only seeing 3 inches of rain in 2011 and the area reservoirs are drying outch town could run out of water -- out -- drying out. the town could run out of water. i have to ask you what you think about that on a friday morning. >> do you have to ask me what i think about that? you don't have to ask me because i am not going to give you an opinion. but i want to share something with you you may want an opinion on. i've got a cloud picture from a storm a couple days ago that is, well, it's something that left me in awe and something you may want to stick around to see. right now, we are cloud free in maryland. at least most of maryland. 65 in baltimore. look at the 50s northwest. tj sent a message on facebook on the commute up to minnesota. they stopped at pittsburgh for
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gas and said well, gas is cheaper and the temperatures are nice at 5 # degrees. -- 53 degrees. only two good things we can say. that's along a frontal boundary that stays to the south. we have high pressure in control with cool wind and that's why most of us upper 50s to mid-60s this morning. we will and more on the weekend weather in moment. >> reporter: no major accidents on the major interstates right now. we are doing fine at our tunnels and bridges as well. we had an earlier accident an hour ago at 50 and inter-97 but that's -- int at i-97 but that's -- at i-97 but that's gone. jfx is fine as well. no problems to report at northern parkway or at the 41st street overpat and coldspring. we are doing -- overpass and coldspring. we are doing fine. concerns about a drug treating breast cancer.
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the drug can be taken to increase heart problems in elderly patients especially those with a history of heart disease or diabetes. the study looks at those between 70 and 92 and a quarter of them developed heart problems while on the drug. when patients stopped taking the drug they reportedly fully recovered. overeat and overspending goes together. those overweight and those in debt soared. those deep in debt were more likely to be obese than those normal weight. food and shopping offer instant gratification and not having immediate consequences. it's 5:13. there's a facebook petition pushing for sesame street characters better and ernie to exchange nuptials. but sesame street gives the final verdict. and an amazing stunt caught on tape. we will have that coming up in a bit. that is just the beginning. for your birth days and
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now "good morning maryland." okay. so don't hold your breath for better and ernie to have a wedding. despite a facebook petition for the numberings the producer of sesame street insist they are not gay. they say they are just friend and neither has a sexual orientation. they are pupets. according to the creator of the show they were developed to teach preschoolers it's okay to be friends with people not like them. we want you to head over to abc2 news the official wmar facebook fan page. did sesame street make the right show or should they
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define the muppets having a sexual orientation. justin. all right. on a different sort i want to show you something i can call holy cloud i never seen anything of this display before. this appears to be in the outer edge of a circulating thunderstorm. it has a shelf cloud formation in the top and the fingers pointing down, a downdraft and looks like little tornadoes coming down there taken from scott as this was two days ago in pensacola, florida. and an impressive scene and i wanted to leave it up to you for those who hadn't seen me post it on twitter or facebook. that's a way to start your morning. nothing like that around here. relatively quiet along the panhandle of florida. we have gotten our way back into the 60s and interior as -- 50s this morning. going back towards the great lakes we can spot our way with storms that will develop out of the upper midwest.
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that is going to dive its way behind this high pressure. high pressure a visit for another day and a good look day. and there we take our way from the gulf coast. we will shift back home because we have high pressure in control, and we pushed the stormy weather to the south we will watch the stormy weather from the west approaching us and looks like showers and storms line up near pittsburgh back into the mountains on saturday evening. we will increase the clouds during the day tomorrow. most of which will be aa dry day but there could be a spotty shower or storm during the evening showers and we push that hopefully dry barbeque up there in bel air. but overall, we expect things going downhill on sunday. sunday morning could be spotty showers the rest of the day. and looks like it will be a little wet and quite wet for some of us with some heavy slow moving storms. 86 lots of sunshine and pleasant today. and as we head through tonight we will drop it back down to 63. we check out weekend low 80s will do it increasing clouds with a evening thundershower possible. but saturday night into sunday
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quite stormy and 80 and stormy weather will take us into early next week. tanya. >> reporter: thanks. mark marc train 401 is five minutes late southbound towardscollege park a water main break at beechwood so be aware of that. look out there. we are doing fine on the outer loop at wilkins avenue heading towards 95. inner loop towards frederick no problems in your way. jones fall expressway, fine at northern parkway. if you are down towards cold spring, and the 41st street overpass we have no incidents to report there either all the way downtown. back to you. >> news around the world, a fight in columbia turns deadly. these images are quite graphic on a friday morning. one man died after being gored by a bull. ten other people seriously injured. officials say this is unusual for bullfighting. injuries like this happen frequently because the spectacle is so large and it's a big part of the culture. so you have to be planning for
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something like that. you may think trying to escape out of a straitjacket is hard enough but how about doing it upside down in the air. some people think it's crazy and some say it sound crazy and this guy is doing it. he pulled it off. you can see him getting prepared for the performance and was lifted into the air and less than a minute and a half later, he was free. the stunt was part of a festival happening near niagara falls. it's 5:21. do you've,000 dollars? if you -- do you have a thousand dollars? if you said no you are not alone. how many people would have toask for help. and more hard times for post office. they are talking about closing locations. what's next in the move to cover their massive debt. you are watching "good morning maryland" thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. we are back in a bit.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 5:24. welcome back. more trouble for the u.s. postal service. and an effort to save money they are considering cutting
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120,000 jobs. they are facing an 8 billion dollar loss so far in 2011. the post office cut 110,000 jobs over the last four years and are talking about closing thousands of post offices. the loss of mail to the internet and decline in advertising caused by the recession rocked the agency. reiny day funds are running low for most americans. 64% of people don't have enough money to cover a thousand dollar emergency expense should it arise. the national foundation for credit counselor says a mawill have to borrow or take a cash advance. 911 emergency call centers is going to update so instead oftelling the distacher where you are going you can send photographs and video. they haven't -- they haven't -- they don't have to tell them where they are. it can give automatic location information. they plan started to coming together after the virginia tech student. if trapped they could text machining responders that may have been able to get to them
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quickly. no word when the system will start being used. bernie madoff's clothes are being turned into ipad covers. a aunt prenew came up with the idea to get some of the money back from the scheme. the items are selling at frederick all right. here's price on this. it ranges from 250 to $500. the seller says he hopes to donate a portion of the proceeds to bernie madoff's victims. news time 5:26. this convict is not trying to get out of jail. he is trying to get back in. why after two years of freedom he found climbing the bared wire -- barbed wire fence back in captivity. find out why the queen of soul gave a free private concert to a new york city street ticket writer. you are watching "good morning maryland. now let's check this morning's
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tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, new changes have facebook and linked in users worried about privacy. facebook is adding contact lists from members smart phones to their personal accounts. facebook insists the lists are not publically visible. linked in is reserving the right to use members nays and photos until the member opts out. intell develops books that could compete with the mack book air and ipad 2. the books will have a longer battery life and cost under a thousand dollars. google plus is adding games from zinga and they are offering to let game developers keep transaction revenues so they will consider google plus before competing sites. and a new app can help parents relate to the newborn. it comes from a swedish parents and shows parents what their baby can see before the eyesightdevelops. those are your tech bites, i am tanya rivero.
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now "good morning maryland." rivetting testimony in the trifle hopkins researcher stephen pitcarin. another step in the fight against the controversial dream act. a push to protect the people's rights to vote. and how often do you kiss your spouse? it soms like a lot of you -- seems like a lot of you are doing it fewer than once a week. you have to give someone a peck on the lips more than once a week. those stories are coming. good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. who is back in house is justin berk. he is keeping the good times rolling with some great weather. justin. >> and good pictures and hopefully some good forecasting. but this weekend is going downhill. enjoy what we have. if you've what chance to do that yesterday, you get


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